[DFNWTF] Dick Move - Grim and Nekro PeniSSucking

by Dick Move


This was the first and only secret Dictafawn release, put out sometime after [DFN004]. This was also the only Dictafawn release to ever be explicitly limited--six copies, listed as "6[66]" on the bottom of the release--and the only release to utilize a custom-made box to house a non-existent microcassette. See, Dick Move focuses solely on dead music, that is, music that may or may not have been recorded on a physical medium and then destroyed or otherwise made unplayable, thus making music "dead." The original release was nothing more than the photo paper box filled with cut-up [and blank] microcassette tape, broken microcassette player parts, etc. Therefore, there is no actual sound to be heard here because nothing was ever intended to be heard. In the words of Marco Corbelli, "just use your brain and think that music is DEAD."

Obviously no master file specifics to comment on for this one, but the completed template can be downloaded here:


No comment yet on the future of "The GAIN Between Birth and Death


released May 18, 2011

Released by Dictafawn, 2011