[DFN017] Anonymous Guise Guys - Monophonic Research

by Anonymous Guise Guys

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"Who are the Anonymous Guise Guys? Well, obviously that's not for you to know. All you need to know is, they're a pair improv artists who make crazy experimental sounds through mail collaboration. For this release, each artist recorded a solo session on microcassette, then used that microcassette in another session, themn mailed that session to the other artists to be used in the other artist's third session, and vice-versa. One side is minimally altered, the other buried in a thrid session's sound, both concluding with positive remarks on the concept of microcassette multi-tracking."

Converted LOUD from microcassette master to AIFF.
While this release was an MC30 i.e. 15 minutes per side, the original B side recording went well over fifteen minutes, thus I've included an extended continuation of it (size limitations won't allow me to upload the entire track in one part)

No sticker scans this time since there never was a sticker, unless you count the "cover" since it literally was a sticker placed on the case (not the actual microcassette) of the original release. Original sticker had an error where the catalog number was incorrect: this has been rectified in the download.


released November 2, 2011

Released by Dictafawn, 2011



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