[DFN000] Junkie Scum / Zenith - split

by Junkie Scum / Zenith

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Not technically an official Dictafawn release... this was more of an early experiment; a prototype for the label before I even considered doing a label.

There was some light EQ processing of the final microcassette version, as well as two versions of each track recorded at different speed settings. This version is extracted from the master files therefore the processing and alternate speed edits are not present in the download.

Additional notes:

JS side:
AIFF files extracted from the master .wav files, for the sake of formatting

Zenith side:
AIFF files extracted from the master cassette
Due to size limitations this track had a few minutes cut from it: fitting, as it's been unfinished from the beginning anyways.

Download comes with insert .jpg image. No stickers for this one as there never were any.


released February 19, 2011

Self-released 2011
Originally limited to 10 copies
JS contact: junkiescum@gmail.com



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